Shenzhen: 点亮未来

As Nick Vujicic's second visit to Shenzhen, he expressed his hope for people to be able to love themselves, respect themselves and be encouraged with love. The event has made a crowd estimate of 30,000 in the stadium. To interact with the Chinese fans, Nick is actively engaging with the community on Weibo (@尼克胡哲_NickVujicic) and posted several motivational videos that have been well-received by his followers. Recently, he has also covered topics encouraging students before the Gaokao - National College Entrance Examination and tackling depression.

Date: Aug 25, 2018 (Saturday)

Presented by: San Tong Yuan

Venue: Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre

Nick's message was extremely well received in Shenzhen.

The local population enjoyed the thrills of a full stadium.

#lifewithoutlimits #nickvujicic #shenzhen #motivationaltalk #chinatour2018

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