Shanghai: 影响世界 励志人生

Nick Vujicic is back in China this month with his goal of reaching as many people as possible with a message of hope. The organizer has invited groups of cancer patients, people with disabilities, school children and university students, as well as young entrepreneurs to this event. Nearly 15,000 audience attended this inspirational talk in Shanghai, listening to Nick's sharing on his journey figuring out value and purpose in life.

Date: May 28, 2019 (Tuesday)

Presented by: Shanghai Baijiang Foundation

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

"I’ve realized that one of the biggest things you can do when you have a broken heart is to heal somebody else’s heart." said Nick.

Nick moved the audience in many ways, and won enthusiastic applause for his wicked-sense of humor.

#lifewithoutlimits #nickvujicic #nevergiveup #parenting #antibullying #chinatour2018 #shanghai

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