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Hefei: 敬畏生命 珍爱一生

During a public event in Hefei, China on November 8, Nick Vujicic delivered his speech on "Respect Life, Love Life", conveying positive messages on living and loving every moment of what life has to offer.

Nick had thought about ending his life at the age of ten. "I thought to myself, I’m done. All the bullying at school, all the teasing. My mom and dad don’t know if I’m ever gonna get married. I don’t know if I’m gonna be ever independent. If I don’t have a purpose, what’s the point? Even though I had a loving stable home, I actually was on the brink of giving up and trying to actually commit suicide. I know what would have happened if I didn’t have that. I thought of one image. And the image was my mother and my father crying at my grave, wishing they could have done something more. So, I decided to stay, just because of that. They didn’t deserve that pain. So, I stayed."

He decided not to listen to the world when it is telling him that he is not good enough, and revealed how his wildest dreams became a reality after marrying and having four children.

Date: Nov 8, 2019 (Friday)

Venue: Hefei Olympic Sports Center

Presented by: Cuican Tiandi Culture, Xueda Education Group

Nick Vujicic Life Without Limits Talk in Hefei China 2019

Nick talking on stage about his experience of overcoming depression.

Nick Vujicic Life Without Limits Talk in Hefei China 2019

A stadium full of 7,000 audience - great energy!

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