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Elim Chew social entrepreneur

Elim Chew

Life Without Limits Logo

"I hope to raise a generation of righteous social ENTREPRENEURS."

"I always believed that the goal of an entrepreneur or a business should not just be purely making money. It should come with a greater purpose of wanting to give back."
- Elim Chew

Travels from: Singapore

Language spoken: English, Mandarin


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Social Inclusion

  • Motivation

Elim Chew is the Founder and President of 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd, a streetwear fashion and accessories retail brand in Singapore which once boasted 16 shops all over Singapore as well as a 400,000 sq ft shopping mall in Xidan, Beijing. She also co-founded a social impact business – FastFast, an app providing fast, on demand delivery services, while giving a source of income for single parents with 90% payout of the drivers’ earnings. She is also involving in a number of food and beverage businesses, one of which is the popular I’m Kim Junior and GoroGoro Steamboat and Korean Buffet.

Despite her busy schedule of running multiple businesses, she is also known for her passion in both youth and social entrepreneurship. With the belief in the potential of youths, Elim strives to help them realise their dreams by providing them an outlet to connect with like-minded peers, encouraging them to share their ideas and exchange their experience. As part of her on-going community campaigns, she launched a book “My Voice” in 2004 which features 77 earnest real life experiences written by youths from all walks of life. 

She is one of Singapore’s most recognized and respected entrepreneurs and is humbled by Forbes Asia Hero of Philanthropy in 2010, Montblanc Businesswoman of the Year in 2002 and Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2001. She published her biography “The Elim Chew Story” in 2017 to reveal how this Singapore’s most prominent entrepreneur and changemaker was made. Currently, she sits on over 20 boards and committees as public service, youth and community organisations such as being the Board of Director of School of The Arts and Singapore International Foundation.


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