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Nick Vujicic Life Without Limits

Nick Vujicic

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"No arms, no legs, NO WORRIES."

"When you can't get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else." 

- Nick Vujicic

Travels from: Los Angeles

Language spoken: English


  • Motivation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Family/ Parenting

  • Faith

Evangelist, international motivational speaker and New York Times best-selling author Nick Vujicic (pronounced “Vooycheech”) was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. Born without limbs for no medical reason, Nick Vujicic knew from an early age that he was different. But it wasn’t until much later, after overcoming ignorance and discrimination to build what he calls a “ridiculously good” life, that he realized his mission: to use his “disability” to start conversations that change lives. He has since spoken over 3,000 times in a total of more than 70 countries on topics as varied as bullying, family values, inspiring positive change, persistence and determination, and his own life story.

Nick eventually made the move from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, California, where he is the founder and president of an international nonprofit organization, Life Without Limbs, and owns the motivational speaking company, Attitude Is Altitude. He married the love of his life, Kanae, in 2012, welcoming their first son, Kiyoshi, in February 2013, their second son Dejan, in September 2015 and their twin daughters, in December 2017.

No matter where he goes he communicates one core message— that no matter your circumstance, you can overcome! Nick is the author of several books, including Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action, Love Without Limits: A Remarkable Story of True Love Conquering All and Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying (and Other Stuff That Keeps You Down).


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