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Are you looking for a deeper sense of purpose? Are you eager to unleash your untapped potential? Well, the secret to unlock your mind power is really no secret at all! In addition to large scale public speaking event or conference, our ChangeMakers are excellent resources in giving encouraging guidance and delivering professional educational programs in many ways!

nick vujicic life without limits asia talk


Sometimes, just one word can change everything. Our speakers have amazing abilities to motivate and change the way we feel about ourselves, give hope to the hopeless, and help millions experience the miracles of love. They convey powerful message and share life stories from what they have learned and wisdom they have gained along the way.

davy liu life without limits asia talk


Workshop forms the bridge between education and practice. In half-day to two-day workshops with less than 200 participants, you may engage in interactive activities and dialogues guided by the experts with hands on learning, problem-based learning and development of solutions leveraging on your personal strengths. 

adrian anantawan life without limits asia performance


Looking for something new and unique for your events? In Life Without Limits, we have programs that are crossovers between education and entertainment to deliver values and messages in enriching ways, i.e. motivational talk and musical concert by Adrian Anantawan, motivational talk and animated storytelling by Davy Liu, motivational talk and aerial performance by Jen Bricker, or global learning tour leaded by our star speakers.

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Collaborating with the leading online education platforms in China, we help reaching Asia’s digital audience with the aim to transform teaching and learning, build high-quality professional learning content across different themes as well as fulfilling educational needs of users of all ages. 

adrian anantawan life without limits asia children workshop


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, the ChangeMakers project is designed to serve as a platform of cross-sectoral learning experience for students to gain a deeper understanding of the community, to interact with the group of great people who do work largely on social good behind the scenes, to learn about the concept and strategies of social innovation, to develop skills and qualities of social-sector leaders, and to cultivate a global mindset.


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