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thomas chan teresa lee

“There are three roles as a parent:
mentor, friend and navigator.”


& Teresa

"If you want your children to get into prestigious universities with a positive attitude, giving harsh trainings and ignoring their feelings wouldn't work!" 
- Thomas Chan & Teresa Lee

Travels from: Hong Kong

Language spoken: Cantonese, English


  • Child's academic excellence

  • Child's financial management

  • Family relationship

The three children of the Hong Kong couple, Thomas Chan and Teresa Lee, have all obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Oxford University in the UK. The second son graduated with a Top First and was awarded scholarship to complete his master's program at the University of Cambridge. All three children are currently working in the financial sector.


They were columnist for ETnet, and have been invited by public and private institutions in Hong Kong and Macao, from kindergarten, primary and secondary school to universities to host lectures and give talks on their methods, experience, and wisdom of parenting, e.g. creating a warm and supportive environments to raise children's IQ and FQ (financial quotient); giving children a high degree of freedom and respect; developing their curiosity and triggering their sense of responsibility; letting children follow their own interests; encouraging children on self-directed learning to lay the foundation for their desired educational journey, as well as courageously pursuing their dreams.


Their unique, concise and easy “hierarchical education method” is also suitable for single-child families. Their books include 牛津状元的培育 (Parenting the Oxford Children)体验式亲子理财 (Experiential Parent-Child Financial Management) and《A+父母》(The A+ Parents).


Thomas Chan Man Chiu

Being educated in Hong Kong and Macao, Thomas has worked as a civil servant for many years. In order to inspire his children, he led by example and studied for an MBA in his spare time.


Teresa Lee May May

Graduated from the Northcote College of Education, Teresa has also obtained her Higher Diploma from the Sir Robert Black College of Education. She was a senior teacher in both primary and secondary schools, experienced in teaching various subjects such as English, geography and sports. Both Teresa and her husband are now retired.


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