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"Stories are wonderful, enjoyable, and scrumptious things." 

- Nury Vittachi

Travels from: Hong Kong

Language spoken: English


  • Creative Writing

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Nury Vittachi is one of Asia’s most widely published authors, and emeritus chairman of Asia-Pacific’s biggest association of writers. Vittachi started his journalism career on the Morning Telegraph in Sheffield in the north of England before moving to London's Fleet Street, then to Hong Kong, where he wrote the column "Lai See" and "Spice Trader" for the South China Morning Post until 1997. Although remembered mainly for humour and affectionate take on cross-cultural clashes, the column was often hard-hitting, and regularly received writs. He is also worked as a journalist with regular slots in many media, including BBC, CNN and NBC. 

Vittachi’s writings have been published by many of the world’s biggest publishers, including Penguin Random House, Scholastic, John Wiley Inc., and St. Martin’s Press. He has written more than 40 books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction, and educational children’s books to literary novels for adults, several of which have been published internationally in multiple languages.

In 2005, he attended the Vogel prize ceremony, an award for unpublished manuscripts in Australia. His children book The First Of Everything has also awarded Best Education Title by Singapore Book Publishers Association.


As a lecturer at the digital entertainment department in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he trains authors, screenwriters, animators and game designers. He lives in Hong Kong with his English wife Mary and their three adopted Chinese children.


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