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Hong Kong: To World, With Hope

One-armed violinist Adrian Anantawan was in Hong Kong to perform in the concert "To World, With Hope" with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO) and four local autistic students. Adrian and his mother, Maria Anantawan have also shared how a positive state of mind and the support from family shaped Adrian to become who he is today, to be willing to fail and stand up from failure, to be patient and prepare ourselves to tackle challenges in life. Concert proceeds would go supporting the setup of Musical Angel Program - the first orchestra for local autistic students and students with disabilities.

Date: October 2, 2017 (Monday)

Time: 5pm - 7pm

Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Presented by: Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO)

Title sponsor: Deutsche Bank

Adrian Anantawan's violin performance with underprivileged students

Adrian's violin performance with six underprivileged students of Deutsche Bank Scholarship Program and Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO).

Adrian Anantawan touched thousand hearts

Owning the stage, and the music, Adrian's violin performance has deeply touched thousand hearts today.

The audience was deeply touched by Adrian's performance!

Adrian Anantawan delivered positive messages

Adrian's shared his story with Hong Kongese to deliver positive messages of perseverance and hope.

Group photo of the performers, organizer and sponsor.

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