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Singapore: True Colours Festival

A celebration of all the senses, the True Colours Festival brought together some of the world’s foremost artistes and performing talents with disabilities in a multi-faceted celebration of talent. Up to 20 performing artistes from Japan, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, plus guest artistes from the United Kingdom and Canada, performed at a multimedia concert experience at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and at the accompanying True Colours Festival Village, a short walk from the concert venue.

Date: March 23-25, 2018 (Friday to Sunday)

Presented by: The Nippon Foundation

Producer: VSA Singapore

Platinum Sponsor: DBS Bank

Principal Partners: Singapore Sports Hub, Sport Singapore, Singtel Media

Supporting Partners: PAssion, National Arts Council Singapore, Skyy Creative Consultant, Kiss92 FM, SRS, Accolade, Singapore Pools, Singapore International Foundation, High Commission of Canada

Performance of Adrian Anantawan and Dr. Azariah Tan in Singapore 2018

Adrian Anantawan and Dr. Azariah Tan performed the theme from Schindler's List.

Brisbane-born singer Tony Dee with Extra∙Ordinary Singers.

Ma Li & Zhai Xiaowei from China performed their signature dance "Holding Hands".

The finale of True Colours Festival.


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