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"Though my body is confined to a small space, my heart flutters like a butterfly, soaring gracefully among the blossoms."

"It has been a really tough journey, but I must rise above this hardship. Thankfully, love has lit the path ahead for me."
- Chuang Fu-Hua

Travels from: Taichung

Language spoken: Mandarin


  • Disabled arts

  • Motivation

  • Faith

Chuang Fu-Hua, a recipient of the Fourth Presidential Education Award, was a cheerful and carefree elementary school student until the fourth grade, but a devastating fire changed her life completely. It left her suffering from quadriplegia, unable to move her limbs, walk, see, or speak. Only her hearing remained, serving as her sole connection to the outside world.

Her mother vividly recalls that the fire occurred on Mother's Day. Fu-Hua lost consciousness after inhaling a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide from the fire. She was in a coma for over three months. During that time, her family never gave up hope. They continually spoke to her, played recordings of her classmates and teachers offering encouragement, and even tapes of her own voice, all in an effort to reach her. Miraculously, their perseverance paid off when Fu-Hua finally woke up.

Before the fire, Fu-Hua was a top student and loved to draw. Her mother says Fu-Hua had a strong will and was very self-disciplined from a young age. This trait greatly influenced her rehabilitation and learning after the accident. For seven years of home schooling, she proactively requested tests from the teachers. When learning to use the Morse code communication device, she memorized 200 sets of Chinese and English codes within five days. She also learned Braille in just one day. Through these tools, Fu-Hua clearly express her thoughts and feelings, engage with others, and has even composed over 200 poems.

She has set three dreams for herself: to attend university, become an inspirational writer, and spread love to every corner of the world. Her belief has continuously guided her in these pursuits. Today, Chuang Fu-Hua is an author, poet, and a motivational speaker known as "Taiwan's Helen Keller" and the "Code Girl." With over 300 talks reaching more than 150,000 people, she continues to share love, courage, and dreams wherever she goes.


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