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Taguig: We Kendu It!

Davy's Kendu (can-do) spirit has taken him all over the world! He addressed near to a thousand of teachers and students at MGC New Life Christian Academy today. Undoubtedly, he is planting the seeds of Kendu Spirit through his visit to this local school, hoping to encourage young people to discover who they are, and inspire souls to experience life through faith and dreams.

Date: October 11, 2016 (Tuesday)

Presented by: Becca Music Ministry,

Venue: MGC New Life Christian Academy, Taguig Philippines

With no regrets about giving up his Hollywood career, Davy finds every day joyful.

Students laughed heartily at Davy's humorous speech!

Davy spent some time relating to the students as he told jokes mixed with positive motivation.

Wefie of Davy with the cheerful students.

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